Interface IDataProvider<T>

    • Method Detail

      • iterator

        Iterator<? extends Titerator​(long first,
                                       long count)
        Gets an iterator for the subset of total data
        first - first row of data
        count - minimum number of elements to retrieve
        iterator capable of iterating over {first, first+count} items
      • size

        long size()
        Gets total number of items in the collection represented by the DataProvider
        total item count
      • model

        IModel<Tmodel​(T object)
        Callback used by the consumer of this data provider to wrap objects retrieved from iterator(long, long) with a model (usually a detachable one).
        object - the object that needs to be wrapped
        the model representation of the object
      • detach

        default void detach()
        Description copied from interface: IDetachable
        Detaches model after use. This is generally used to null out transient references that can be re-attached later.
        Specified by:
        detach in interface IDetachable