Class AutoLinkResolver

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IComponentResolver, IClusterable

    public final class AutoLinkResolver
    extends Object
    implements IComponentResolver
    The AutoLinkResolver is responsible to handle automatic link resolution. Tags are marked "autolink" by the MarkupParser for all tags with href attribute, such as anchor and link tags with no explicit wicket id. E.g. <a href="Home.html">

    If href points to a *.html file, a BookmarkablePageLink will automatically be created, except for absolute paths, where an ExternalLink is created.

    If href points to a *.html file, it resolves the given URL by searching for a page class, either relative or absolute, specified by the href attribute of the tag. If relative the href URL must be relative to the package containing the associated page. An exception is thrown if no Page class was found.

    If href is no *.html file a static reference to the resource is created.

    Juergen Donnerstag, Eelco Hillenius
    See Also:
    WicketLinkTagHandler, Serialized Form