Class HttpsMapper

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IRequestMapper, IRequestMapperDelegate

    public class HttpsMapper
    extends Object
    implements IRequestMapperDelegate
    A IRequestMapper that will issue a redirect to secured communication (over https) if the page resolved by delegate is annotated with @RequireHttps

    To setup it:

     public class MyApplication extends WebApplication
            public void init()
                    getRootRequestMapperAsCompound().add(new MountedMapper("secured", HttpsPage.class));
                    // notice that in most cases this should be done as the
                    // last mounting-related operation because it replaces the root mapper
                    setRootRequestMapper(new HttpsMapper(getRootRequestMapper(), new HttpsConfig(80, 443)));
    any request to http://hostname:httpPort/secured will be redirected to https://hostname:httpsPort/secured