Interface IWebSocketProcessor

    • Method Detail

      • onMessage

        void onMessage​(String message)
        Called when a text message arrives from the client
        message - the text message from the client
      • onMessage

        void onMessage​(byte[] data,
                       int offset,
                       int length)
        Called when a binary message arrives from the client
        data - the binary message from the client
        offset - the offset to read from
        length - how much data to read
      • onOpen

        void onOpen​(Object containerConnection)
        A client successfully has made a web socket connection.
        containerConnection - the web socket connection to use to communicate with the client
      • onClose

        void onClose​(int closeCode,
                     String message)
        A notification after the close of the web socket connection. The connection could be closed by either the client or the server
        closeCode - The close code
        message - the message
      • onError

        void onError​(Throwable t)
        A notification after a communication error.
        t - The throwable for the communication problem