Interface IPropertiesFactory

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    public interface IPropertiesFactory
    Implementations are responsible for locating Properties objects, which are a thin wrapper around ValueMap and is used to locate localized messages.

    The clearCache() method should remove any cached references to properties objects used by an implementation, so that load(Class, String) gets the freshest instance possible.

    Listeners are related to cached properties and should be used to inform observers when sets of properties are reloaded.

    Juergen Donnerstag
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      • addListener

        void addListener​(IPropertiesChangeListener listener)
        Add a listener which will be called when a change to the underlying resource stream (e.g. properties file) has been detected
        listener -
      • clearCache

        void clearCache()
        Remove all cached properties.
      • load

        Properties load​(Class<?> clazz,
                        String path)
        Load the properties associated with the path
        clazz - The class requesting the properties
        path - The path to identify the resource
        The properties