Class AjaxServerAndClientTimeFilter

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    public class AjaxServerAndClientTimeFilter
    extends Object
    implements IResponseFilter
    This class has been deprecated for several reasons. The way it tries to measure server and client times is very inaccurate. Modern browsers provide much better tools to measure Javascript execution times. The measurements were written in a property that has been deprecated for years and removed in modern browsers. Finally, rendering the Javascript directly into the response makes it hard to support a strict CSP with nonces. There is no real replacement for this class. Use the tools provided by the browser. See WicketExampleApplication for a simple example of passing rendering times to the browser via the Server-Timing header.
    This is a filter that injects javascript code to the top head portion and after the body so that the time can me measured what the client parse time was for this page. It also reports the total server parse/response time in the client and logs the server response time and response size it took for a specific response in the server log. You can specify what the status text should be like this: ServerAndClientTimeFilter.statustext=My Application, Server parsetime: ${servertime}, Client parsetime: ${clienttime} likewise for ajax request use ajax.ServerAndClientTimeFilter.statustext

    Usage: in

     public init()
            getRequestCycleSettings().addResponseFilter(new AjaxServerAndClientTimeFilter());