Interface ISpringContextLocator

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    IClusterable, Serializable
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    public interface ISpringContextLocator
    extends IClusterable
    Interface representing object that can locate a spring context. The implementation should take up little room when serialized. SpringObjectLocator uses this interface to locate the spring context so that it in turn can locate a bean. Ideal implementations use a static lookup to locate the context. For Example:
     class SpringContextLocator implements ISpringContextLocator
            public ApplicationContext getSpringContext()
                    // MyApplication is the subclass of WebApplication used by the application
                    return ((MyApplication)Application.get()).getContext();
    Igor Vaynberg (ivaynberg)
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      • getSpringContext

        org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext getSpringContext()
        Getter for spring application context
        spring application context