Class TagNameParser

  • public final class TagNameParser
    extends MetaPatternParser
    Parses XML tag names and attribute names which may include optional namespaces like "namespace:name" or "name". Both ":name" and "namespace:" are not allowed. Both, the namespace and the name have to follow naming rules for variable names (identifier).
    Jonathan Locke, Juergen Donnerstag
    • Constructor Detail

      • TagNameParser

        public TagNameParser​(CharSequence input)
        Constructs a tag name parser for a given input character sequence.
        input - The input to parse
    • Method Detail

      • getNamespace

        public String getNamespace()
        Get the namespace part (eg 'html' in 'html:form') converted to all lower case characters.
        the namespace part. Will be null, if optional namespace was not found
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Gets the tag name part (eg 'form' in 'html:form' or 'form')
        the name part