Class ReconciliationStatus<SPEC extends AbstractFlinkSpec>

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReconciliationStatus

        public ReconciliationStatus()
    • Method Detail

      • getSpecClass

        public abstract java.lang.Class<SPEC> getSpecClass()
      • deserializeLastReconciledSpec

        public SPEC deserializeLastReconciledSpec()
      • deserializeLastStableSpec

        public SPEC deserializeLastStableSpec()
      • deserializeLastReconciledSpecWithMeta

        public SpecWithMeta<SPEC> deserializeLastReconciledSpecWithMeta()
      • deserializeLastStableSpecWithMeta

        public SpecWithMeta<SPEC> deserializeLastStableSpecWithMeta()
      • markReconciledSpecAsStable

        public void markReconciledSpecAsStable()
      • isLastReconciledSpecStable

        public boolean isLastReconciledSpecStable()
      • isBeforeFirstDeployment

        public boolean isBeforeFirstDeployment()
      • scalingInProgress

        public boolean scalingInProgress()
        This method is only here for backward compatibility reasons. The current version of the operator does not leave the resources in UPGRADING state during in-place scaling therefore this method will always return false.
        True if in-place scaling is in progress.