apr_skiplist.h File Reference

APR skip list implementation. More...

#include "apr.h"
#include "apr_portable.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
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typedef int(* apr_skiplist_compare) (void *, void *)
typedef void(* apr_skiplist_freefunc) (void *)
typedef struct apr_skiplist apr_skiplist
typedef struct apr_skiplistnode apr_skiplistnode


void * apr_skiplist_alloc (apr_skiplist *sl, size_t size)
void apr_skiplist_free (apr_skiplist *sl, void *mem)
apr_status_t apr_skiplist_init (apr_skiplist **sl, apr_pool_t *p)
void apr_skiplist_set_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplist_compare XXX1, apr_skiplist_compare XXX2)
void apr_skiplist_add_index (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplist_compare XXX1, apr_skiplist_compare XXX2)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_getlist (apr_skiplist *sl)
void * apr_skiplist_find_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplistnode **iter, apr_skiplist_compare func)
void * apr_skiplist_find (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplistnode **iter)
void * apr_skiplist_last_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplistnode **iter, apr_skiplist_compare comp)
void * apr_skiplist_last (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplistnode **iter)
void * apr_skiplist_next (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplistnode **iter)
void * apr_skiplist_previous (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplistnode **iter)
void * apr_skiplist_element (apr_skiplistnode *iter)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_insert_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplist_compare comp)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_insert (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_add_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplist_compare comp)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_add (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_replace_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree, apr_skiplist_compare comp)
apr_skiplistnodeapr_skiplist_replace (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree)
int apr_skiplist_remove_node (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplistnode *iter, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree)
int apr_skiplist_remove_compare (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree, apr_skiplist_compare comp)
int apr_skiplist_remove (apr_skiplist *sl, void *data, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree)
void apr_skiplist_remove_all (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree)
void apr_skiplist_destroy (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree)
void * apr_skiplist_pop (apr_skiplist *sl, apr_skiplist_freefunc myfree)
void * apr_skiplist_peek (apr_skiplist *sl)
size_t apr_skiplist_size (const apr_skiplist *sl)
int apr_skiplist_height (const apr_skiplist *sl)
int apr_skiplist_preheight (const apr_skiplist *sl)
void apr_skiplist_set_preheight (apr_skiplist *sl, int to)
apr_skiplistapr_skiplist_merge (apr_skiplist *sl1, apr_skiplist *sl2)

Detailed Description

APR skip list implementation.