apr_tables.h File Reference

APR Table library. More...

#include "apr.h"
#include "apr_pools.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
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Data Structures

struct  apr_array_header_t
struct  apr_table_entry_t


#define APR_ARRAY_IDX(ary, i, type)   (((type *)(ary)->elts)[i])
#define APR_ARRAY_PUSH(ary, type)   (*((type *)apr_array_push(ary)))


typedef struct apr_table_t apr_table_t
typedef struct apr_array_header_t apr_array_header_t
typedef struct apr_table_entry_t apr_table_entry_t
typedef int() apr_table_do_callback_fn_t(void *rec, const char *key, const char *value)


const apr_array_header_tapr_table_elts (const apr_table_t *t)
int apr_is_empty_table (const apr_table_t *t)
int apr_is_empty_array (const apr_array_header_t *a)
apr_array_header_tapr_array_make (apr_pool_t *p, int nelts, int elt_size)
void * apr_array_push (apr_array_header_t *arr)
void * apr_array_pop (apr_array_header_t *arr)
void apr_array_clear (apr_array_header_t *arr)
void apr_array_cat (apr_array_header_t *dst, const apr_array_header_t *src)
apr_array_header_tapr_array_copy (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_array_header_t *arr)
apr_array_header_tapr_array_copy_hdr (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_array_header_t *arr)
apr_array_header_tapr_array_append (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_array_header_t *first, const apr_array_header_t *second)
char * apr_array_pstrcat (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_array_header_t *arr, const char sep)
apr_table_tapr_table_make (apr_pool_t *p, int nelts)
apr_table_tapr_table_copy (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_table_t *t)
apr_table_tapr_table_clone (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_table_t *t)
void apr_table_clear (apr_table_t *t)
const char * apr_table_get (const apr_table_t *t, const char *key)
const char * apr_table_getm (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_table_t *t, const char *key)
void apr_table_set (apr_table_t *t, const char *key, const char *val)
void apr_table_setn (apr_table_t *t, const char *key, const char *val)
void apr_table_unset (apr_table_t *t, const char *key)
void apr_table_merge (apr_table_t *t, const char *key, const char *val)
void apr_table_mergen (apr_table_t *t, const char *key, const char *val)
void apr_table_add (apr_table_t *t, const char *key, const char *val)
void apr_table_addn (apr_table_t *t, const char *key, const char *val)
apr_table_tapr_table_overlay (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_table_t *overlay, const apr_table_t *base)
int apr_table_do (apr_table_do_callback_fn_t *comp, void *rec, const apr_table_t *t,...)
int apr_table_vdo (apr_table_do_callback_fn_t *comp, void *rec, const apr_table_t *t, va_list vp)
void apr_table_overlap (apr_table_t *a, const apr_table_t *b, unsigned flags)
void apr_table_compress (apr_table_t *t, unsigned flags)

Detailed Description

APR Table library.