apr_want.h File Reference

APR Standard Headers Support. More...

#include "apr.h"
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Detailed Description

APR Standard Headers Support.


  APR_WANT_STRFUNC:  strcmp, strcat, strcpy, etc
  APR_WANT_MEMFUNC:  memcmp, memcpy, etc
  APR_WANT_STDIO:    <stdio.h> and related bits
  APR_WANT_IOVEC:    struct iovec
  APR_WANT_BYTEFUNC: htons, htonl, ntohl, ntohs

Typical usage:

  #include "apr_want.h"

The appropriate headers will be included.

Note: it is safe to use this in a header (it won't interfere with other
      headers' or source files' use of apr_want.h)