#include <ajp.h>

Data Fields

apr_size_t header_len
apr_size_t len
apr_size_t pos
int server_side
apr_size_t max_size

Detailed Description

A structure that represents ajp message

Field Documentation

◆ buf

apr_byte_t* ajp_msg::buf

The buffer holding a AJP message

◆ header_len

apr_size_t ajp_msg::header_len

The length of AJP message header (defaults to AJP_HEADER_LEN)

◆ len

apr_size_t ajp_msg::len

The length of AJP message

◆ max_size

apr_size_t ajp_msg::max_size

The size of the buffer

◆ pos

apr_size_t ajp_msg::pos

The current read position

◆ server_side

int ajp_msg::server_side

Flag indicating the origing of the message

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