ap_configfile_t Struct Reference

#include <http_config.h>

Data Fields

apr_status_t(* getch )(char *ch, void *param)
apr_status_t(* getstr )(void *buf, apr_size_t bufsiz, void *param)
apr_status_t(* close )(void *param)
void * param
const char * name
unsigned line_number

Field Documentation

◆ close

apr_status_t(* ap_configfile_t::close) (void *param)

the argument passed to getch/getstr/close

◆ getch

apr_status_t(* ap_configfile_t::getch) (char *ch, void *param)

< an apr_file_getc()-like function an apr_file_gets()-like function

◆ getstr

apr_status_t(* ap_configfile_t::getstr) (void *buf, apr_size_t bufsiz, void *param)

a close handler function

◆ line_number

unsigned ap_configfile_t::line_number

◆ name

const char* ap_configfile_t::name

current line number, starting at 1

◆ param

void* ap_configfile_t::param

the filename / description

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