ap_errorlog_info Struct Reference

#include <http_core.h>

Collaboration diagram for ap_errorlog_info:

Data Fields

const server_recs
const conn_recc
const request_recr
const request_recrmain
const char * file
int line
int module_index
int level
apr_status_t status
int using_provider
int startup
const char * format

Detailed Description

The info structure passed to callback functions of errorlog handlers. Not all information is available in all contexts. In particular, all pointers may be NULL.

Field Documentation

◆ c

const conn_rec* ap_errorlog_info::c

current conn_rec. Should be preferred over r->connection

◆ file

const char* ap_errorlog_info::file

name of source file where the log message was produced, NULL if N/A.

◆ format

const char* ap_errorlog_info::format

message format

◆ level

int ap_errorlog_info::level

log level of error message (flags like APLOG_STARTUP have been removed), -1 if N/A

◆ line

int ap_errorlog_info::line

line number in the source file, 0 if N/A

◆ module_index

int ap_errorlog_info::module_index

module index of module that produced the log message, APLOG_NO_MODULE if N/A.

◆ pool

apr_pool_t* ap_errorlog_info::pool

pool passed to ap_log_perror, NULL otherwise

◆ r

const request_rec* ap_errorlog_info::r

current request_rec.

◆ rmain

const request_rec* ap_errorlog_info::rmain

r->main if r is a subrequest, otherwise equal to r

◆ s

const server_rec* ap_errorlog_info::s

current server_rec. Should be preferred over c->base_server and r->server

◆ startup

int ap_errorlog_info::startup

1 if APLOG_STARTUP was set for the log message, 0 otherwise

◆ status

apr_status_t ap_errorlog_info::status

apr error status related to the log message, 0 if no error

◆ using_provider

int ap_errorlog_info::using_provider

1 if logging using provider, 0 otherwise

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