ap_filter_t Struct Reference

The representation of a filter chain. More...

#include <util_filter.h>

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Data Fields

void * ctx
struct ap_filter_private * priv

Detailed Description

The representation of a filter chain.

Each request has a list of these structures which are called in turn to filter the data. Sub requests get an exact copy of the main requests filter chain.

Field Documentation

◆ c

conn_rec* ap_filter_t::c

The conn_rec associated with the current filter. This is analogous to the request_rec, except that it is used for connection filters.

◆ ctx

void* ap_filter_t::ctx

A place to store any data associated with the current filter

◆ frec

ap_filter_rec_t* ap_filter_t::frec

The internal representation of this filter. This includes the filter's name, type, and the actual function pointer.

◆ next

ap_filter_t* ap_filter_t::next

The next filter in the chain

◆ priv

struct ap_filter_private* ap_filter_t::priv

Filter private/opaque data

◆ r

request_rec* ap_filter_t::r

The request_rec associated with the current filter. If a sub-request adds filters, then the sub-request is the request associated with the filter.

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