ap_listen_rec Struct Reference

Apache's listeners record. More...

#include <ap_listen.h>

Collaboration diagram for ap_listen_rec:

Data Fields

accept_function accept_func
int active
const char * protocol
apr_uint32_t flags

Detailed Description

Apache's listeners record.

These are used in the Multi-Processing Modules to setup all of the sockets for the MPM to listen to and accept on.

Field Documentation

◆ accept_func

accept_function ap_listen_rec::accept_func

The accept function for this socket

◆ active

int ap_listen_rec::active

Is this socket currently active

◆ bind_addr

apr_sockaddr_t* ap_listen_rec::bind_addr

The sockaddr the socket should bind to

◆ flags

apr_uint32_t ap_listen_rec::flags

Various AP_LISTEN_* flags.

◆ next

ap_listen_rec* ap_listen_rec::next

The next listener in the list

◆ protocol

const char* ap_listen_rec::protocol

The default protocol for this listening socket.

◆ sd

apr_socket_t* ap_listen_rec::sd

The actual socket

◆ slave

ap_slave_t* ap_listen_rec::slave

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