#include <util_varbuf.h>

Data Fields

char * buf
apr_size_t avail
apr_size_t strlen
struct ap_varbuf_info * info

Detailed Description

A resizable buffer.

Field Documentation

◆ avail

apr_size_t ap_varbuf::avail

Allocated size of the buffer (minus one for the final \0); must only be changed using ap_varbuf_grow().

◆ buf

char* ap_varbuf::buf

The actual buffer; will point to a const '\0' if avail == 0 and to memory of the same lifetime as the pool otherwise.

◆ info

struct ap_varbuf_info* ap_varbuf::info

Opaque info for memory allocation.

◆ pool

apr_pool_t* ap_varbuf::pool

The pool for memory allocations and for registering the cleanup; the buffer memory will be released when this pool is cleared.

◆ strlen

apr_size_t ap_varbuf::strlen

Length of string in buffer, or AP_VARBUF_UNKNOWN. This determines how much memory is copied by ap_varbuf_grow() and where ap_varbuf_strmemcat() will append to the buffer.

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