#include <apr_buckets.h>

Collaboration diagram for apr_bucket:

Public Member Functions

 APR_RING_ENTRY (apr_bucket) link

Data Fields

const apr_bucket_type_ttype
apr_size_t length
apr_off_t start
void * data
void(* free )(void *e)

Detailed Description

apr_bucket structures are allocated on the malloc() heap and their lifetime is controlled by the parent apr_bucket_brigade structure. Buckets can move from one brigade to another e.g. by calling APR_BRIGADE_CONCAT(). In general the data in a bucket has the same lifetime as the bucket and is freed when the bucket is destroyed; if the data is shared by more than one bucket (e.g. after a split) the data is freed when the last bucket goes away.

Member Function Documentation


apr_bucket::APR_RING_ENTRY ( apr_bucket  )

Links to the rest of the brigade

Field Documentation

◆ data

void* apr_bucket::data

type-dependent data hangs off this pointer

◆ free

void(* apr_bucket::free) (void *e)

Pointer to function used to free the bucket. This function should always be defined and it should be consistent with the memory function used to allocate the bucket. For example, if malloc() is used to allocate the bucket, this pointer should point to free().

ePointer to the bucket being freed

◆ length

apr_size_t apr_bucket::length

The length of the data in the bucket. This could have been implemented with a function, but this is an optimization, because the most common thing to do will be to get the length. If the length is unknown, the value of this field will be (apr_size_t)(-1).

◆ list

apr_bucket_alloc_t* apr_bucket::list

The freelist from which this bucket was allocated

◆ start

apr_off_t apr_bucket::start

The start of the data in the bucket relative to the private base pointer. The vast majority of bucket types allow a fixed block of data to be referenced by multiple buckets, each bucket pointing to a different segment of the data. That segment starts at base+start and ends at base+start+length. If the length == (apr_size_t)(-1), then start == -1.

◆ type

const apr_bucket_type_t* apr_bucket::type

The type of bucket.

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