apr_crypto_digest_rec_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_crypto.h>

Collaboration diagram for apr_crypto_digest_rec_t:

Data Fields

apr_crypto_digest_type_e dtype
union {
   apr_crypto_digest_hash_t   hash
   apr_crypto_digest_sign_t   sign
   apr_crypto_digest_verify_t   verify

Detailed Description

Structure describing a digest to be hashed, signed or verified.

This structure is passed to the apr_crypto_digest_init() and apr_crypto_digest() functions.

Implementations must use apr_crypto_digest_rec_make() to allocate this structure.

Field Documentation


union { ... } apr_crypto_digest_rec_t::d

Details of each digest, based on the digest type.

◆ dtype

apr_crypto_digest_type_e apr_crypto_digest_rec_t::dtype

The type of the digest record.

◆ hash

apr_crypto_digest_hash_t apr_crypto_digest_rec_t::hash

◆ sign

apr_crypto_digest_sign_t apr_crypto_digest_rec_t::sign

◆ verify

apr_crypto_digest_verify_t apr_crypto_digest_rec_t::verify

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