apr_crypto_passphrase_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_crypto.h>

Data Fields

const char * pass
apr_size_t passLen
const unsigned char * salt
apr_size_t saltLen
int iterations

Detailed Description

Structure describing a key to be derived from PBKDF2 to be passed by the apr_crypto_key() function.

Derived keys are used for encryption and decryption.

Implementations must use apr_crypto_key_rec_make() to allocate this structure.

Field Documentation

◆ iterations

int apr_crypto_passphrase_t::iterations

The number of iterations used by the key derivation function

◆ pass

const char* apr_crypto_passphrase_t::pass

The passphrase used by the key generation algorithm

◆ passLen

apr_size_t apr_crypto_passphrase_t::passLen

The length of the passphrase

◆ salt

const unsigned char* apr_crypto_passphrase_t::salt

The salt used by the key derivation algorithm

◆ saltLen

apr_size_t apr_crypto_passphrase_t::saltLen

The length of the salt.

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