#include <apr_getopt.h>

Data Fields

void * errarg
int ind
int opt
int reset
int argc
const char ** argv
char const * place
int interleave
int skip_start
int skip_end

Detailed Description

Structure to store command line argument information.

Field Documentation

◆ argc

int apr_getopt_t::argc

count of arguments

◆ argv

const char** apr_getopt_t::argv

array of pointers to arguments

◆ cont

apr_pool_t* apr_getopt_t::cont

context for processing

◆ errarg

void* apr_getopt_t::errarg

user defined first arg to pass to error message

◆ errfn

apr_getopt_err_fn_t* apr_getopt_t::errfn

function to print error message (NULL == no messages)

◆ ind

int apr_getopt_t::ind

index into parent argv vector

◆ interleave

int apr_getopt_t::interleave

set to nonzero to support interleaving options with regular args

◆ opt

int apr_getopt_t::opt

character checked for validity

◆ place

char const* apr_getopt_t::place

argument associated with option

◆ reset

int apr_getopt_t::reset

reset getopt

◆ skip_end

int apr_getopt_t::skip_end

end of non-option arguments skipped for interleaving

◆ skip_start

int apr_getopt_t::skip_start

start of non-option arguments skipped for interleaving

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