apr_json_value_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_json.h>

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Public Member Functions

 APR_RING_ENTRY (apr_json_value_t) link

Data Fields

const char * pre
const char * post
apr_json_type_e type
union {
   apr_json_object_t *   object
   apr_json_array_t *   array
   double   dnumber
   apr_int64_t   lnumber
   apr_json_string_t   string
   int   boolean

Detailed Description

A structure that holds a JSON value.

Use apr_json_value_create() to allocate.

Member Function Documentation


apr_json_value_t::APR_RING_ENTRY ( apr_json_value_t  )

Links to the rest of the values if in an array

Field Documentation

◆ array

apr_json_array_t* apr_json_value_t::array

JSON array

◆ boolean

int apr_json_value_t::boolean

JSON boolean value

◆ dnumber

double apr_json_value_t::dnumber

JSON floating point value

◆ lnumber

apr_int64_t apr_json_value_t::lnumber

JSON long integer value

◆ object

apr_json_object_t* apr_json_value_t::object

JSON object

◆ post

const char* apr_json_value_t::post

trailing whitespace, if any

◆ pre

const char* apr_json_value_t::pre

preceding whitespace, if any

◆ string

apr_json_string_t apr_json_value_t::string

JSON UTF-8 encoded string value

◆ type

apr_json_type_e apr_json_value_t::type

type of the value


union { ... } apr_json_value_t::value

actual value. which member is valid depends on type.

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