#include <apr_mmap.h>

Public Member Functions

 APR_RING_ENTRY (apr_mmap_t) link

Data Fields

apr_off_t poffset
void * mm
apr_size_t size

Detailed Description

As far as I can tell the only really sane way to store an MMAP is as a void * and a length. BeOS requires this area_id, but that's just a little something extra. I am exposing this type, because it doesn't make much sense to keep it private, and opening it up makes some stuff easier in Apache. The MMAP structure

Member Function Documentation


apr_mmap_t::APR_RING_ENTRY ( apr_mmap_t  )

ring of apr_mmap_t's that reference the same mmap'ed region; acts in place of a reference count

Field Documentation

◆ cntxt

apr_pool_t* apr_mmap_t::cntxt

The pool the mmap structure was allocated out of.

◆ mm

void* apr_mmap_t::mm

The start of the memory mapped area

◆ poffset

apr_off_t apr_mmap_t::poffset

◆ size

apr_size_t apr_mmap_t::size

The amount of data in the mmap

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