#include <apr_thread_proc.h>

Collaboration diagram for apr_proc_t:

Data Fields

pid_t pid
char * invoked
HANDLE hproc

Detailed Description

The APR process type

Field Documentation

◆ err

apr_file_t* apr_proc_t::err

Parent's side of pipe to child's stdouterr

◆ hproc

HANDLE apr_proc_t::hproc

(Win32 only) Creator's handle granting access to the process

This handle is closed and reset to NULL in every case corresponding to a waitpid() on Unix which returns the exit status. Therefore Win32 correspond's to Unix's zombie reaping characteristics and avoids potential handle leaks.

◆ in

apr_file_t* apr_proc_t::in

Parent's side of pipe to child's stdin

◆ invoked

char* apr_proc_t::invoked

Diagnositics/debugging string of the command invoked for this process [only present if APR_HAS_PROC_INVOKED is true]

Only enabled on Win32 by default.
This should either always or never be present in release builds - since it breaks binary compatibility. We may enable it always in APR 1.0 yet leave it undefined in most cases.

◆ out

apr_file_t* apr_proc_t::out

Parent's side of pipe to child's stdout

◆ pid

pid_t apr_proc_t::pid

The process ID

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