apr_threadattr_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_arch_threadproc.h>

Data Fields

int32 attr
int detached
int joinable
apr_size_t max_free
apr_size_t stack_size
apr_int32_t detach
char * thread_name
unsigned long attr
apr_size_t stacksize
pthread_attr_t attr

Field Documentation

◆ attr [1/3]

int32 apr_threadattr_t::attr

◆ attr [2/3]

unsigned long apr_threadattr_t::attr

◆ attr [3/3]

pthread_attr_t apr_threadattr_t::attr

◆ detach

apr_int32_t apr_threadattr_t::detach

◆ detached

int apr_threadattr_t::detached

◆ joinable

int apr_threadattr_t::joinable

◆ max_free

apr_size_t apr_threadattr_t::max_free

◆ pool

apr_pool_t * apr_threadattr_t::pool

◆ stack_size

apr_size_t apr_threadattr_t::stack_size

◆ stacksize

apr_size_t apr_threadattr_t::stacksize

◆ thread_name

char* apr_threadattr_t::thread_name

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