apr_uri_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_uri.h>

Data Fields

char * scheme
char * hostinfo
char * user
char * password
char * hostname
char * port_str
char * path
char * query
char * fragment
struct hostent * hostent
apr_port_t port
unsigned is_initialized:1
unsigned dns_looked_up:1
unsigned dns_resolved:1

Detailed Description

A structure to encompass all of the fields in a uri

Field Documentation

◆ dns_looked_up

unsigned apr_uri_t::dns_looked_up

has the DNS been looked up yet

◆ dns_resolved

unsigned apr_uri_t::dns_resolved

has the dns been resolved yet

◆ fragment

char* apr_uri_t::fragment

Trailing "#fragment" string, if present

◆ hostent

struct hostent* apr_uri_t::hostent

structure returned from gethostbyname()

◆ hostinfo

char* apr_uri_t::hostinfo

combined [user[:password]@]host[:port]

◆ hostname

char* apr_uri_t::hostname

hostname from URI (or from Host: header)

◆ is_initialized

unsigned apr_uri_t::is_initialized

has the structure been initialized

◆ password

char* apr_uri_t::password

password, as in http://user:passwd@host:port/

◆ path

char* apr_uri_t::path

the request path (or NULL if only scheme://host was given)

◆ port

apr_port_t apr_uri_t::port

The port number, numeric, valid only if port_str != NULL

◆ port_str

char* apr_uri_t::port_str

port string (integer representation is in "port")

◆ query

char* apr_uri_t::query

Everything after a '?' in the path, if present

◆ scheme

char* apr_uri_t::scheme

scheme ("http"/"ftp"/...)

◆ user

char* apr_uri_t::user

user name, as in http://user:passwd@host:port/

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