authz_provider Struct Reference

#include <mod_auth.h>

Data Fields

authz_status(* check_authorization )(request_rec *r, const char *require_line, const void *parsed_require_line)
const char *(* parse_require_line )(cmd_parms *cmd, const char *require_line, const void **parsed_require_line)

Field Documentation

◆ check_authorization

authz_status(* authz_provider::check_authorization) (request_rec *r, const char *require_line, const void *parsed_require_line)

◆ parse_require_line

const char*(* authz_provider::parse_require_line) (cmd_parms *cmd, const char *require_line, const void **parsed_require_line)

Check the syntax of a require line and optionally cache the parsed line. This function may be NULL.

cmdthe config directive
require_linethe argument to the authz provider
parsed_require_lineplace to store parsed require_line for use by provider
Error message or NULL on success

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