core_dir_config Struct Reference

Per-directory configuration. More...

#include <http_core.h>

Collaboration diagram for core_dir_config:

Data Fields

char * d
unsigned d_components
allow_options_t opts
allow_options_t opts_add
allow_options_t opts_remove
overrides_t override
allow_options_t override_opts
char ** response_code_strings
unsigned int hostname_lookups: 4
unsigned use_canonical_name: 2
unsigned d_is_fnmatch: 1
unsigned add_default_charset: 2
const char * add_default_charset_name
apr_off_t limit_req_body
long limit_xml_body
server_signature_e server_signature
const char * mime_type
const char * handler
const char * output_filters
const char * input_filters
int accept_path_info
etag_components_t etag_bits
etag_components_t etag_add
etag_components_t etag_remove
unsigned int enable_mmap: 2
unsigned int enable_sendfile: 2
unsigned int use_canonical_phys_port: 2
unsigned int allow_encoded_slashes: 1
unsigned int decode_encoded_slashes: 1
unsigned int condition_ifelse: 2
struct ap_logconflog
int max_ranges
int max_overlaps
int max_reversals
unsigned int allow_encoded_slashes_set: 1
unsigned int decode_encoded_slashes_set: 1
unsigned int cgi_pass_auth: 2
unsigned int qualify_redirect_url:2
apr_size_t read_buf_size

Detailed Description

Per-directory configuration.

Field Documentation

◆ accept_path_info

int core_dir_config::accept_path_info

◆ add_default_charset

unsigned core_dir_config::add_default_charset

◆ add_default_charset_name

const char* core_dir_config::add_default_charset_name

◆ allow_encoded_slashes

unsigned int core_dir_config::allow_encoded_slashes

◆ allow_encoded_slashes_set

unsigned int core_dir_config::allow_encoded_slashes_set

◆ cgi_pass_auth

unsigned int core_dir_config::cgi_pass_auth

CGIPassAuth: Whether HTTP authorization headers will be passed to scripts as CGI variables; affects all modules calling ap_add_common_vars(), as well as any others using this field as advice

◆ cgi_var_rules

apr_hash_t* core_dir_config::cgi_var_rules

Table of rules for building CGI variables, NULL if none configured

◆ condition

ap_expr_info_t* core_dir_config::condition

◆ condition_ifelse

unsigned int core_dir_config::condition_ifelse

◆ d

char* core_dir_config::d

path of the directory/regex/etc. see also d_is_fnmatch/absolute below

◆ d_components

unsigned core_dir_config::d_components

the number of slashes in d

◆ d_is_fnmatch

unsigned core_dir_config::d_is_fnmatch

◆ decode_encoded_slashes

unsigned int core_dir_config::decode_encoded_slashes

◆ decode_encoded_slashes_set

unsigned int core_dir_config::decode_encoded_slashes_set

◆ enable_mmap

unsigned int core_dir_config::enable_mmap

◆ enable_sendfile

unsigned int core_dir_config::enable_sendfile

◆ etag_add

etag_components_t core_dir_config::etag_add

◆ etag_bits

etag_components_t core_dir_config::etag_bits

◆ etag_remove

etag_components_t core_dir_config::etag_remove

◆ expr_handler

ap_expr_info_t* core_dir_config::expr_handler

◆ handler

const char* core_dir_config::handler

◆ hostname_lookups

unsigned int core_dir_config::hostname_lookups

◆ input_filters

const char* core_dir_config::input_filters

◆ limit_req_body

apr_off_t core_dir_config::limit_req_body

◆ limit_xml_body

long core_dir_config::limit_xml_body

◆ log

struct ap_logconf* core_dir_config::log

per-dir log config

◆ max_overlaps

int core_dir_config::max_overlaps

Max number of Range overlaps (merges) allowed

◆ max_ranges

int core_dir_config::max_ranges

Number of Ranges before returning HTTP_OK.

◆ max_reversals

int core_dir_config::max_reversals

Max number of Range reversals (eg: 200-300, 100-125) allowed

◆ mime_type

const char* core_dir_config::mime_type

◆ opts

allow_options_t core_dir_config::opts

If (opts & OPT_UNSET) then no absolute assignment to options has been made. invariant: (opts_add & opts_remove) == 0 Which said another way means that the last relative (options + or -) assignment made to each bit is recorded in exactly one of opts_add or opts_remove.

◆ opts_add

allow_options_t core_dir_config::opts_add

◆ opts_remove

allow_options_t core_dir_config::opts_remove

◆ output_filters

const char* core_dir_config::output_filters

◆ override

overrides_t core_dir_config::override

◆ override_list

apr_table_t* core_dir_config::override_list

Table of directives allowed per AllowOverrideList

◆ override_opts

allow_options_t core_dir_config::override_opts

◆ qualify_redirect_url

unsigned int core_dir_config::qualify_redirect_url

◆ r

ap_regex_t* core_dir_config::r

◆ read_buf_size

apr_size_t core_dir_config::read_buf_size

◆ refs

apr_array_header_t* core_dir_config::refs

Named back references

◆ response_code_exprs

apr_hash_t* core_dir_config::response_code_exprs

Custom response config with expression support. The hash table contains compiled expressions keyed against the custom response code.

◆ response_code_strings

char** core_dir_config::response_code_strings

◆ sec_file

apr_array_header_t* core_dir_config::sec_file

◆ sec_if

apr_array_header_t* core_dir_config::sec_if

◆ server_signature

server_signature_e core_dir_config::server_signature

◆ use_canonical_name

unsigned core_dir_config::use_canonical_name

◆ use_canonical_phys_port

unsigned int core_dir_config::use_canonical_phys_port

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