core_request_config Struct Reference

Per-request configuration. More...

#include <http_core.h>

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Data Fields

struct apr_bucket_brigadebb
void ** notes
char ** response_code_strings
const char * document_root
const char * context_document_root
const char * context_prefix
int deliver_script
int suppress_charset

Detailed Description

Per-request configuration.

Field Documentation

◆ bb

struct apr_bucket_brigade* core_request_config::bb

bucket brigade used by getline for look-ahead and ap_get_client_block for holding left-over request body

◆ context_document_root

const char* core_request_config::context_document_root

the context root directory on disk for the current resource, without trailing slash

◆ context_prefix

const char* core_request_config::context_prefix

the URI prefix that corresponds to the context_document_root directory, without trailing slash

◆ deliver_script

int core_request_config::deliver_script

There is a script processor installed on the output filter chain, so it needs the default_handler to deliver a (script) file into the chain so it can process it. Normally, default_handler only serves files on a GET request (assuming the file is actual content), since other methods are not content-retrieval. This flag overrides that behavior, stating that the "content" is actually a script and won't actually be delivered as the response for the non-GET method.

◆ document_root

const char* core_request_config::document_root

per-request document root of the server. This allows mass vhosting modules better compatibility with some scripts. Normally the context_* info should be used instead

◆ notes

void** core_request_config::notes

an array of per-request working data elements, accessed by ID using ap_get_request_note() (Use ap_register_request_note() during initialization to add elements)

◆ response_code_strings

char** core_request_config::response_code_strings

Custom response strings registered via ap_custom_response(), or NULL; check per-dir config if nothing found here

◆ suppress_charset

int core_request_config::suppress_charset

Should addition of charset= be suppressed for this request?

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