modssl_auth_ctx_t Struct Reference

#include <ssl_private.h>

Data Fields

const char * ca_cert_path
const char * ca_cert_file
const char * cipher_suite
int verify_depth
ssl_verify_t verify_mode
const char * tls13_ciphers

Detailed Description

stuff related to authentication that can also be per-dir

Field Documentation

◆ ca_cert_file

const char* modssl_auth_ctx_t::ca_cert_file

◆ ca_cert_path

const char* modssl_auth_ctx_t::ca_cert_path

known/trusted CAs

◆ cipher_suite

const char* modssl_auth_ctx_t::cipher_suite

◆ tls13_ciphers

const char* modssl_auth_ctx_t::tls13_ciphers

TLSv1.3 has its separate cipher list, separate from the settings for older TLS protocol versions. Since which one takes effect is a matter of negotiation, we need separate settings

◆ verify_depth

int modssl_auth_ctx_t::verify_depth

for client or downstream server authentication

◆ verify_mode

ssl_verify_t modssl_auth_ctx_t::verify_mode

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