modssl_pk_server_t Struct Reference

#include <ssl_private.h>

Collaboration diagram for modssl_pk_server_t:

Data Fields

const char * ca_name_path
const char * ca_name_file
int service_unavailable

Detailed Description

Structure representing configured filenames for certs and keys for a given vhost

Field Documentation

◆ ca_name_file

const char* modssl_pk_server_t::ca_name_file

◆ ca_name_path

const char* modssl_pk_server_t::ca_name_path

Certificates which specify the set of CA names which should be sent in the CertificateRequest message:

◆ cert_files

apr_array_header_t* modssl_pk_server_t::cert_files

◆ key_files

apr_array_header_t* modssl_pk_server_t::key_files

◆ service_unavailable

int modssl_pk_server_t::service_unavailable

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