Class ModelParam

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ModelParam
    extends java.lang.Object
    Generic Service Model Parameter
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • module

        public static final java.lang.String module
      • name

        public java.lang.String name
        Parameter name
      • description

        public java.lang.String description
        The description of this parameter
      • type

        public java.lang.String type
        Paramater type
      • mode

        public java.lang.String mode
        Parameter mode (IN/OUT/INOUT)
      • formLabel

        public java.lang.String formLabel
        The form label
      • entityName

        public java.lang.String entityName
        The entity name
      • fieldName

        public java.lang.String fieldName
        The entity field name
      • requestAttributeName

        public java.lang.String requestAttributeName
        Request attribute to look for if not defined as a parameter
      • sessionAttributeName

        public java.lang.String sessionAttributeName
        Session attribute to look for if not defined as a parameter
      • stringMapPrefix

        public java.lang.String stringMapPrefix
        Parameter prefix for creating an attribute Map
      • stringListSuffix

        public java.lang.String stringListSuffix
        Parameter suffix for creating an attribute List
      • validators

        public java.util.List<org.apache.ofbiz.service.ModelParam.ModelParamValidator> validators
        Validation methods
      • optional

        public boolean optional
        Is this Parameter required or optional? Default to false, or required
      • overrideOptional

        public boolean overrideOptional
      • formDisplay

        public boolean formDisplay
        Is this parameter to be displayed via the form tool?
      • overrideFormDisplay

        public boolean overrideFormDisplay
      • allowHtml

        public java.lang.String allowHtml
        Default value
      • internal

        public boolean internal
        Is this Parameter set internally?
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModelParam

        public ModelParam()
      • ModelParam

        public ModelParam​(ModelParam param)
    • Method Detail

      • addValidator

        public void addValidator​(java.lang.String className,
                                 java.lang.String methodName,
                                 java.lang.String failMessage)
      • addValidator

        public void addValidator​(java.lang.String className,
                                 java.lang.String methodName,
                                 java.lang.String failResource,
                                 java.lang.String failProperty)
      • getPrimaryFailMessage

        public java.lang.String getPrimaryFailMessage​(java.util.Locale locale)
      • getShortDisplayDescription

        public java.lang.String getShortDisplayDescription()
      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
      • getFormLabel

        public java.lang.String getFormLabel()
      • getType

        public java.lang.String getType()
      • getMode

        public java.lang.String getMode()
      • getEntityName

        public java.lang.String getEntityName()
      • getFieldName

        public java.lang.String getFieldName()
      • getInternal

        public boolean getInternal()
      • isIn

        public boolean isIn()
      • isOut

        public boolean isOut()
      • isOptional

        public boolean isOptional()
      • getDefaultValue

        public java.lang.Object getDefaultValue()
      • setDefaultValue

        public void setDefaultValue​(java.lang.String defaultValue)
      • copyDefaultValue

        public void copyDefaultValue​(ModelParam param)
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(ModelParam model)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class java.lang.Object
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object obj)
        equals in class java.lang.Object
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object
      • getWSDLPart

        public javax.wsdl.Part getWSDLPart​(javax.wsdl.Definition def)
      • java2wsdlType

        protected java.lang.String java2wsdlType()