Class ModelForm

    • Field Detail

      • module

        public static final String module

        public static final int DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE
        Pagination settings and defaults.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        public static final String DEFAULT_SORT_FIELD_STYLE
        Sort field default styles.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • fieldGroupList

        protected final List<ModelForm.FieldGroupBase> fieldGroupList
        This is a list of FieldGroups in the order they were created. Can also include Banner objects.
      • fieldGroupMap

        protected final Map<String,​ModelForm.FieldGroupBase> fieldGroupMap
        This Map is keyed with the field name and has a FieldGroup for the value. Can also include Banner objects.
      • fieldList

        protected final List<ModelFormField> fieldList
        This List will contain one copy of each field for each field name in the order they were encountered in the service, entity, or form definition; field definitions with constraints will also be in this list but may appear multiple times for the same field name. When rendering the form the order in this list should be following and it should not be necessary to use the Map. The Map is used when loading the form definition to keep the list clean and implement the override features for field definitions.
    • Method Detail

      • getBoundaryCommentName

        public String getBoundaryCommentName()
        Description copied from class: ModelWidget
        Returns the widget's name to be used in boundary comments. The default action is to return the widget's name. Derived classes can override this method to return a customized name.
        getBoundaryCommentName in class ModelWidget
        Name to be used in boundary comments
      • getClientAutocompleteFields

        public boolean getClientAutocompleteFields()
      • getContainerId

        public String getContainerId()
      • getContainerStyle

        public String getContainerStyle()
      • getDefaultEntityName

        public String getDefaultEntityName()
      • getDefaultMapName

        public String getDefaultMapName()
      • getDefaultRequiredFieldStyle

        public String getDefaultRequiredFieldStyle()
      • getDefaultServiceName

        public String getDefaultServiceName()
      • getDefaultSortFieldAscStyle

        public String getDefaultSortFieldAscStyle()
      • getDefaultSortFieldDescStyle

        public String getDefaultSortFieldDescStyle()
      • getDefaultSortFieldStyle

        public String getDefaultSortFieldStyle()
      • getDefaultTableStyle

        public String getDefaultTableStyle()
      • getDefaultTitleAreaStyle

        public String getDefaultTitleAreaStyle()
      • getDefaultTitleStyle

        public String getDefaultTitleStyle()
      • getDefaultTooltipStyle

        public String getDefaultTooltipStyle()
      • getDefaultViewSize

        public int getDefaultViewSize()
      • getDefaultWidgetAreaStyle

        public String getDefaultWidgetAreaStyle()
      • getDefaultWidgetStyle

        public String getDefaultWidgetStyle()
      • getEvenRowStyle

        public String getEvenRowStyle()
      • getFocusFieldName

        public String getFocusFieldName()
      • getFormLocation

        public String getFormLocation()
      • getFormTitleAreaStyle

        public String getFormTitleAreaStyle()
      • getFormWidgetAreaStyle

        public String getFormWidgetAreaStyle()
      • getHeaderRowStyle

        public String getHeaderRowStyle()
      • getHideHeader

        public boolean getHideHeader()
      • getItemIndexSeparator

        public String getItemIndexSeparator()
      • getLastOrderFields

        public List<String> getLastOrderFields()
      • getListEntryName

        public String getListEntryName()
      • getListName

        public String getListName()
      • getMultiPaginateIndexField

        public String getMultiPaginateIndexField​(Map<String,​Object> context)
      • getOddRowStyle

        public String getOddRowStyle()
      • getOverrideListSize

        public String getOverrideListSize()
      • getOverrideListSize

        public int getOverrideListSize​(Map<String,​Object> context)
      • getPaginate

        public String getPaginate()
      • getPaginate

        public boolean getPaginate​(Map<String,​Object> context)
      • getPaginateFirstLabel

        public String getPaginateFirstLabel()
      • getPaginateFirstStyle

        public String getPaginateFirstStyle()
      • getPaginateIndexField

        public String getPaginateIndexField()
      • getPaginateLastLabel

        public String getPaginateLastLabel()
      • getPaginateLastStyle

        public String getPaginateLastStyle()
      • getPaginateNextLabel

        public String getPaginateNextLabel()
      • getPaginateNextStyle

        public String getPaginateNextStyle()
      • getPaginatePreviousLabel

        public String getPaginatePreviousLabel()
      • getPaginatePreviousStyle

        public String getPaginatePreviousStyle()
      • getPaginateSizeField

        public String getPaginateSizeField()
      • getPaginateStyle

        public String getPaginateStyle()
      • getPaginateTarget

        public String getPaginateTarget()
      • getPaginateTargetAnchor

        public String getPaginateTargetAnchor()
      • getPaginateViewSizeLabel

        public String getPaginateViewSizeLabel()
      • getParentFormLocation

        public String getParentFormLocation()
      • getParentFormName

        public String getParentFormName()
      • getParentModelForm

        public ModelForm getParentModelForm()
      • getRowCount

        public String getRowCount()
      • getSeparateColumns

        public boolean getSeparateColumns()
      • getSkipEnd

        public boolean getSkipEnd()
      • getSkipStart

        public boolean getSkipStart()
      • getSortFieldParameterName

        public String getSortFieldParameterName()
      • getStyleAltRowStyle

        public String getStyleAltRowStyle​(Map<String,​Object> context)
        iterate through alt-row-styles list to see if should be used, then add style
        The style for item row
      • getTarget

        public String getTarget()
      • getTarget

        public String getTarget​(Map<String,​Object> context,
                                String targetType)
        iterate through altTargets list to see if any should be used, if not return original target
        The target for this Form
      • getTargetType

        public String getTargetType()
      • getTargetWindow

        public String getTargetWindow()
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • getTooltip

        public String getTooltip()
      • getType

        public String getType()
      • getUseRowSubmit

        public boolean getUseRowSubmit()
      • getUseWhenFields

        public Set<String> getUseWhenFields()
      • getGroupColumns

        public boolean getGroupColumns()
      • isOverridenListSize

        public boolean isOverridenListSize()
      • runFormActions

        public void runFormActions​(Map<String,​Object> context)