Class ModelMenu

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      • module

        public static final String module
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      • getBoundaryCommentName

        public String getBoundaryCommentName()
        Description copied from class: ModelWidget
        Returns the widget's name to be used in boundary comments. The default action is to return the widget's name. Derived classes can override this method to return a customized name.
        getBoundaryCommentName in class ModelWidget
        Name to be used in boundary comments
      • getDefaultAlign

        public String getDefaultAlign()
      • getDefaultAlignStyle

        public String getDefaultAlignStyle()
      • getDefaultAssociatedContentId

        public String getDefaultAssociatedContentId​(Map<String,​Object> context)
      • getDefaultCellWidth

        public String getDefaultCellWidth()
      • getDefaultDisabledTitleStyle

        public String getDefaultDisabledTitleStyle()
      • getDefaultEntityName

        public String getDefaultEntityName()
      • getDefaultHideIfSelected

        public Boolean getDefaultHideIfSelected()
      • getDefaultMenuItemName

        public String getDefaultMenuItemName()
      • getDefaultPermissionEntityAction

        public String getDefaultPermissionEntityAction()
      • getDefaultPermissionOperation

        public String getDefaultPermissionOperation()
      • getDefaultSelectedStyle

        public String getDefaultSelectedStyle()
      • getDefaultTitleStyle

        public String getDefaultTitleStyle()
      • getDefaultTooltipStyle

        public String getDefaultTooltipStyle()
      • getDefaultWidgetStyle

        public String getDefaultWidgetStyle()
      • getFillStyle

        public String getFillStyle()
      • getId

        public String getId()
      • getMenuLocation

        public String getMenuLocation()
      • getMenuWidth

        public String getMenuWidth()
      • getOrientation

        public String getOrientation()
      • getParentMenu

        public ModelMenu getParentMenu()
      • getSelectedMenuItemContextFieldName

        public String getSelectedMenuItemContextFieldName​(Map<String,​Object> context)
      • getTarget

        public String getTarget()
      • getTooltip

        public String getTooltip()
      • getType

        public String getType()
      • renderedMenuItemCount

        public int renderedMenuItemCount​(Map<String,​Object> context)
      • renderMenuString

        public void renderMenuString​(Appendable writer,
                                     Map<String,​Object> context,
                                     MenuStringRenderer menuStringRenderer)
                              throws IOException
        Renders this menu to a String, i.e. in a text format, as defined with the MenuStringRenderer implementation.
        writer - The Writer that the menu text will be written to
        context - Map containing the menu context; the following are reserved words in this context: parameters (Map), isError (Boolean), itemIndex (Integer, for lists only, otherwise null), menuName (String, optional alternate name for menu, defaults to the value of the name attribute)
        menuStringRenderer - An implementation of the MenuStringRenderer interface that is responsible for the actual text generation for different menu elements; implementing you own makes it possible to use the same menu definitions for many types of menu UIs