Class ModelScreenWidget.Section

    • Constructor Detail

      • Section

        public Section​(ModelScreen modelScreen,
                       org.w3c.dom.Element sectionElement)
      • Section

        public Section​(ModelScreen modelScreen,
                       org.w3c.dom.Element sectionElement,
                       boolean isMainSection)
    • Method Detail

      • getBoundaryCommentName

        public java.lang.String getBoundaryCommentName()
        Description copied from class: ModelWidget
        Returns the widget's name to be used in boundary comments. The default action is to return the widget's name. Derived classes can override this method to return a customized name.
        getBoundaryCommentName in class ModelWidget
        Name to be used in boundary comments
      • getActions

        public java.util.List<ModelAction> getActions()
      • isMainSection

        public boolean isMainSection()