Class OutputMarkupContainerClassNameBehavior

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IComponentAwareEventSink, IComponentAwareHeaderContributor, IClusterable

A behavior that applies to MarkupContainers with associated markup. It adds an attribute named namespace:className to the markup element of ComponentTag with value the fully qualified class name of the markup container.

It is used internally by Wicket when DebugSettings.ClassOutputStrategy.TAG_ATTRIBUTE is active.

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    • onComponentTag

      public void onComponentTag(Component component, ComponentTag tag)
      Description copied from class: Behavior
      Called any time a component that has this behavior registered is rendering the component tag.
      onComponentTag in class Behavior
      component - the component that renders this tag currently
      tag - the tag that is rendered
    • isTemporary

      public boolean isTemporary(Component component)
      Description copied from class: Behavior
      Specifies whether or not this behavior is temporary. Temporary behaviors are removed at the end of request and never reattached. Such behaviors are useful for modifying component rendering only when it renders next. Usecases include javascript effects, initial clientside dom setup, etc.
      isTemporary in class Behavior
      true if this behavior is temporary