Class PackageMapper

All Implemented Interfaces:

A request mapper that mounts all bookmarkable pages in a given package.

To mount this mapper onto a path use the WebApplication.mountPackage(String, Class), ex:

 MyApp#init() {

   mountPackage("/my/path", MyPage.class);
will result in urls like /my/path/MyPage

  Page Class - Render (BookmarkablePageRequestHandler)
  (will redirect to hybrid alternative if page is not stateless)

  Page Instance - Render Hybrid (RenderPageRequestHandler for pages that were created using bookmarkable URLs)

  Page Instance - Bookmarkable Listener (BookmarkableListenerRequestHandler)
  /MyPage?2-click.1-foo-bar-baz (1 is behavior index)
  (these will redirect to hybrid if page is not stateless)