Class HeaderItem

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IClusterable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractCspHeaderItem, FilteredHeaderItem, MetaDataHeaderItem, NoHeaderItem, PriorityHeaderItem, StringHeaderItem

public abstract class HeaderItem extends Object implements IClusterable
HeaderItem represents anything that can be rendered into the header. This can, for example, be a script or a stylesheet , but also event triggers or free form text. HeaderItems are used by ResourceAggregator to be able to collect all header sections in a uniform way. All HeaderItems are expected to have decent equals, hashCode and toString (for debugging).
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  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getDependencies

      The dependencies this HeaderItem has. Dependencies will always be rendered before the item itself.
    • getProvidedResources

      The resources this HeaderItem provides. As these resources are provided by this item, they will no longer be rendered.
    • getRenderTokens

      public abstract Iterable<?> getRenderTokens()
      The tokens this HeaderItem can be identified by. If any of the tokens has already been rendered, this HeaderItem will not be rendered.
    • render

      public abstract void render(Response response)
      Renders the HeaderItem to the response.
      response -