Class AutoLabelTextResolver

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IComponentResolver, IClusterable

public class AutoLabelTextResolver extends Object implements IComponentResolver
Resolver that provides the <wicket:label> tag, which will output a FormComponent's label without requiring a manual extra component such as Label or FormComponentLabel. <wicket:label> can be used
  • together with <label wicket:for="...">:
     <label wicket:for="myFormComponent">some other markup, optionally<wicket:label/></label>
  • standalone, with a for attribute:
     <wicket:label for="myFormComponent"/>

It also supports both input and output:

  • If the FormComponent has a label model, the <wicket:label> tag will be replaced by the contents of that label.
  • If the FormComponent's label model is null, it can be picked up from <wicket:label>:
    • <wicket:label> can contain some raw markup, like this:
       <wicket:label>I will become the component's label!</wicket:label>
    • Or it can be a message pulled from resources, similar to <wicket:message/>:
       <wicket:label key="messagekey"/>
Carl-Eric Menzel, igor
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