Interface IComponentResolver

All Superinterfaces:
IClusterable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AjaxFallbackOrderByBorder, AutoLabelResolver, AutoLabelResolver.AutoLabel, AutoLabelTextResolver, AutoLinkResolver, AutoLinkResolver.AutolinkBookmarkablePageLink, Border, Enclosure, EnclosureHandler, FormComponentFeedbackBorder, HeaderPartContainer, HtmlHeaderContainer, HtmlHeaderItemsContainer, HtmlHeaderResolver, InlineEnclosure, InlineEnclosureHandler, OrderByBorder, RelativePathPrefixHandler, TransparentWebMarkupContainer, WicketContainerResolver, WicketLinkTagHandler, WicketMessageResolver, WicketMessageTagHandler

public interface IComponentResolver extends IClusterable
IComponentResolvers are responsible for mapping component names to Wicket components. Resolvers are first looked up in a component's hierarchy before falling back to a list of IComponentResolvers maintained in PageSettings. NOTE: implementations for this interface must be thread-safe!
Juergen Donnerstag
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      Component resolve(MarkupContainer container, MarkupStream markupStream, ComponentTag tag)
      Try to resolve a component.
      container - The container parsing its markup
      markupStream - The current markupStream
      tag - The current component tag while parsing the markup
      component or null if not found