Interface IFormSubmittingComponent

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AbstractSubmitLink, AjaxButton, AjaxFallbackButton, AjaxSubmitLink, Button, CancelButton, FinishButton, ImageButton, IndicatingAjaxButton, LastButton, NextButton, PreviousButton, SubmitLink, WizardButton

public interface IFormSubmittingComponent extends IFormSubmitter
Interface that must be implemented by components that are able to submit form.
Matej Knopp
  • Method Details

    • setDefaultFormProcessing

      Component setDefaultFormProcessing(boolean defaultFormProcessing)
      Sets the defaultFormProcessing property. When false (default is true), all validation and form updating is bypassed and the onSubmit method of that button is called directly, and the onSubmit method of the parent form is not called. A common use for this is to create a cancel button.
      defaultFormProcessing -
      this component
    • getInputName

      Returns the name that is unique to this component, at least within the form.
      component name