Link components.

  • Classes
    Base class that that contains functionality for rendering disabled links.
    Renders a stable link which can be cached in a web browser and used at a later time.
    A client-side image map implementation which allows you to "attach" the map to any existing Image component.
    A behavior to add attribute "disabled" to a Link component when it is disabled.
    A link that streams a file to the client.
    A simple anchor link (<a href="http://url">) pointing to any URL.
    Implementation of an inline frame component.
    Implementation of a hyperlink component.
    Closes a popup window and cleans up any related session page map for the popup.
    ClosePopupPage closes the popup window.
    A popup specification can be used as a property of the Linkclasses to specify that the link should be rendered with an onClick javascript event handler that opens a new window with the links' URL.
    A link to any ResourceReference.
    This link is stateless that means that the url to this link could generate a new page before the link onClick is called.