Class StatelessLink<T>

Type Parameters:
T - type of model object
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Iterable<Component>, IEventSink, IEventSource, IFeedbackContributor, IConverterLocator, IGenericComponent<T,Link<T>>, IMetadataContext<Serializable,Component>, IRequestListener, IHeaderContributor, IRequestableComponent, IHierarchical<Component>, IClusterable

public abstract class StatelessLink<T> extends Link<T>
This link is stateless that means that the url to this link could generate a new page before the link onClick is called. Because of this you can't depend on model data in the onClick method. This Link component is the same as a normal link with the stateless hint to true.
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    • getStatelessHint

      protected boolean getStatelessHint()
      Description copied from class: Component
      Returns whether the component can be stateless. Also the component behaviors must be stateless, otherwise the component will be treat as stateful. In order for page to be stateless (and not to be stored in session), all components (and component behaviors) must be stateless.
      getStatelessHint in class Link<T>
      whether the component can be stateless
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    • getURL

      protected CharSequence getURL()
      Description copied from class: Link
      Gets the url to use for this link.
      getURL in class Link<T>
      The URL that this link links to