Package org.apache.wicket.extensions.breadcrumb

package org.apache.wicket.extensions.breadcrumb

Package for working with bread crumb components.

Bread crumbs provide a means to track certain history of client actions. Bread crumbs are typically rendered as a list of links, and are useful when users 'dig deeper' into the site structure so that they can find their way back again and have a notion of where they currently are.

Bread crumbs in the original sense just represent where people are in a site hierarchy. For example, when browsing a product site, bread crumbs could look like this:

           Home > Products & Solutions > Hardware > Desktop Systems
           World > Europe > The Netherlands > Utrecht
These items would be rendered as links to the corresponding site location.

The central interface of this package is IBreadCrumbModel, which models the concept of bread crumbs. The main implementation of bread crumbs is the BreadCrumbBar, which is a Wicket component that renders the bread crumbs and an implementation of IBreadCrumbModel in one.