Interface IBreadCrumbParticipant

All Superinterfaces:
IClusterable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
BreadCrumbPanel, BreadCrumbParticipantDelegate

public interface IBreadCrumbParticipant extends IClusterable
Bread crumb participants function as proxies for components that are part of a bread crumb hierarchy. An example of a bread crumb is:
     Home > Products & Solutions > Hardware > Desktop Systems
In a panel based implementation, Home, Products & Solutions etc would be separate panels that all are bread crumb participants: for instance the Home participant's title would return 'Home', and the component would be the corresponding panel.
Eelco Hillenius
  • Method Details

    • getComponent

      Gets the participating component. Typically, this is a panel.
      The participating component, must return a non-null value
    • getTitle

      Gets the title of the bread crumb, which will be used for displaying it.
      The title of the bread crumb
    • onActivate

      Called when the corresponding bread crumb is activated.
      previous - The previously active bread crumb participant, possibly null