Type Parameters:
T - node type
S - the type of the sort property
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ICellPopulator<T>, IColumn<T,S>, IStyledColumn<T,S>, ITreeColumn<T,S>, IDetachable, IClusterable

public class TreeColumn<T,S> extends AbstractTreeColumn<T,S>
A column displaying the tree nodes hierarchy.
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  • Constructor Details

    • TreeColumn

      public TreeColumn(IModel<String> displayModel)
      displayModel - model used to generate header text
    • TreeColumn

      public TreeColumn(IModel<String> displayModel, S sortProperty)
      displayModel - model used to generate header text
      sortProperty - sort property
  • Method Details

    • getCssClass

      public String getCssClass()
      Description copied from interface: IStyledColumn
      Returns the css class for this column.
      Specified by:
      getCssClass in interface IStyledColumn<T,S>
      getCssClass in class AbstractColumn<T,S>
      CSS class name
    • populateItem

      public void populateItem(Item<ICellPopulator<T>> cellItem, String componentId, IModel<T> rowModel)
      Description copied from interface: ICellPopulator
      Method used to populate a cell in the DataGridView Implementation MUST add a component to the cellItem using the component id provided by componentId argument, otherwise a WicketRuntimeException will be thrown
      cellItem - the item representing the current table cell being rendered
      componentId - the id of the component used to render the cell (only one component should be added to the cell)
      rowModel - the model of the row item being rendered. this model usually contains the model provided by the data provider.
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