Direct Known Subclasses:
DiffNode, Snake

public abstract class PathNode extends Object
A node in a diffpath.
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Juanco Anez
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  • Field Details

    • i

      public final int i
      Position in the original sequence.
    • j

      public final int j
      Position in the revised sequence.
    • prev

      public final PathNode prev
      The previous node in the path.
  • Constructor Details

    • PathNode

      public PathNode(int i, int j, PathNode prev)
      Concatenates a new path node with an existing diffpath.
      i - The position in the original sequence for the new node.
      j - The position in the revised sequence for the new node.
      prev - The previous node in the path.
  • Method Details

    • isSnake

      public abstract boolean isSnake()
      Is this node a Snake node?
      true if this is a Snake node
    • isBootstrap

      public boolean isBootstrap()
      Is this a bootstrap node?

      In bootstrap nodes one of the two coordinates is less than zero.

      true if this is a bootstrap node.
    • previousSnake

      public final PathNode previousSnake()
      Skips sequences of DiffNodes until a Snake or bootstrap node is found, or the end of the path is reached.
      The next first Snake or bootstrap node in the path, or null if none found.
    • toString

      public String toString()
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