Class HeadersToolbar<S>

    • Constructor Detail

      • HeadersToolbar

        public HeadersToolbar​(DataTable<T,​S> table,
                              ISortStateLocator<S> stateLocator)
        Type Parameters:
        T - the column data type
        table - data table this toolbar will be attached to
        stateLocator - locator for the ISortState implementation used by sortable headers
    • Method Detail

      • newSortableHeader

        protected WebMarkupContainer newSortableHeader​(String headerId,
                                                       S property,
                                                       ISortStateLocator<S> locator)
        Factory method for sortable header components. A sortable header component must have id of headerId and conform to markup specified in HeadersToolbar.html
        headerId - header component id
        property - property this header represents
        locator - sort state locator
        created header component