Interface IFilterStateLocator<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - type of filter state object
    All Superinterfaces:
    IClusterable, Serializable

    public interface IFilterStateLocator<T>
    extends IClusterable
    Locator that locates the object that represents the state of the filter. Usually it is convenient to let the data provider object implement this interface so that the data provider can be itself used to locate the filter state object. This also makes it easy for the data provider to locate the filter state which it will most likely need to filter the data.


        class UserDataProvider extends SortableDataProvider implements IFilterStateLocator {
          private User filterBean=new User;
          public User getFilterState() { return filterBean; }
          public void setFilterState(User user) { filterBean=user; }
          public Iterator iterate(int start, int count) {
            getUserDao().find(start, count, filterBean);
    • Method Detail

      • getFilterState

        T getFilterState()
        object that represents the state of the filter toolbar
      • setFilterState

        void setFilterState​(T state)
        Setter for the filter state object
        state - filter state object